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5 Reasons Why Artificial Grass is the Best Choice for Children’s Play Areas

Artificial grass is a practical solution for many different applications, but it’s especially beneficial for indoor and outdoor children’s play areas. Why is artificial grass the best choice for children’s play areas and how can you create a safe and entertaining play zone for children? Below are a few quick tips:

01. Safe, Clean & Hygienic

Synthetic grass from Multigrass is safe and provides some impact absorption from whatever children may be getting up to, such as falling down or tripping during a play session. The turf itself provides some cushioning whilst the backing and infill also help to lessen the impact of blows.

Furthermore, synthetic grass is clean and hygienic – both of which are extremely important for children and for the peace of mind of their parents and guardians. This is due to a few important reasons.

Firstly, synthetic turf requires absolutely no fertiliser products or harsh chemicals that can leave residue on the grass blades, since – quite obviously – it’s inorganic and doesn’t need it. Moreover, there are no sharp rocks or other objects that could naturally be in the soil and cause harm or injury, since again the turf is synthetic and there is no natural soil underneath.



02. Easy to Maintain

With real grass, maintenance is a constant, ongoing expense that needs to be maintained to keep the grass healthy and well-trimmed. This also includes mulching, fertilising, and potentially soil treatments that can end up costing quite a bit. Last and certainly not least, natural grass requires significant amounts of water which can be expensive and wasteful when synthetic grass requires absolutely none at all.

With synthetic grass, there’s absolutely no need to water or fertilise, and maintenance is hassle-free. The only maintenance that is required is perhaps replacing segments of matted or damaged turf every once in a while, and perhaps a little cleaning if there are any spills or objects that fall into the turf.

03. Environmentally Friendly

In many countries, grass for children’s play areas is practical even if costly to maintain. In Australia, however, droughts and bushfires can put enormous strain on water reserves and real grass is quite impractical.

Synthetic grass is comparatively very environmentally friendly, particularly due to water consumption but also because it requires no nitrogen supplements or other fertiliser products and can last for many years with minimal maintenance.

04. Versatile for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Synthetic grass is extremely versatile and can be used for just about any type of children’s play area, whether indoors or outdoors. Examples of common applications include outdoor playgrounds at schools, daycare and childcare centres, public parks, indoor play areas, hospital play zones, shopping centres and other commercial play areas, and themed play areas for children and families.

No matter whether used indoors or outdoors, artificial grass is resilient and can withstand the elements, frequent play sessions and footfall, and look lush and green no matter the season.

05. Cost Effective

Natural turf isn’t particularly expensive on its own, but laying sod or rolling out turf onto prepared soil can be slightly more expensive. The true costs come with the ongoing maintenance required.

Conversely, artificial grass has a reasonable upfront cost and very, very low long-term costs due to the reasons mentioned previously and because of its superb durability.


Build your ideal children’s play zone with synthetic grass products from Multigrass.

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