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A Wide Selection of Artificial Grass in Melbourne

Are you looking for a trusted artificial grass supplier?

At Multigrass, we bring you the best artificial grass in Melbourne to suit all types of landscapes. We have high-quality synthetic grass in different shades, densities and textures to ensure that you get what you want. With our products, you can create garden spaces that look fabulous all through the year. There are several benefits offered by our grass and you can easily maintain a mud-free garden without much effort. If you want to elevate the appeal of your property and looking for options, our artificial grasses make a great choice. Connect with us today to find out more.







Cheap Synthetic Grass in Melbourne

If you are looking for artificial grass for sale, we have amazing choices for you here. We have a huge range and have something to suit every budget. The prices are determined based on several factors like the pile height, grass density and our specialists will be happy to take you through the options. While we assure you that you will get the best in terms of quality, you will be surprised to find that our selection of synthetic grasses is priced reasonably. They make a great investment and since there is hardly any maintenance required, you save time and resources.

We have an excellent range and with our products, you can create spaces that look freshly cared for all through the year. There is no need to water, mow or weed and you can easily maintain the authentic look of your garden. The vibrant shade of the grasses ensures that your space effortlessly merges with the rest of the property and does not look out of place.


High Quality Synthetic Fake Grass Online

Did you know that caring for a natural grass yard requires much water? Worry not; Multigrass has come up with a solution in the form of artificial grass. Synthetic grass doesn’t need water, is good for the environment, doesn’t cost much, and is easy to keep up. 

Artificial grass is the best choice for a wide range of projects, including lawns, sports areas, parks, schools, and playgrounds. And if you want choices, Mulrigrass has them. We have the biggest selection of fake grass online, so you’re sure to find the right one for your next job. Don’t waste your time and energy anymore, and say hello to easy-care grass with Multigrass!

Multigrass is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality. Supply and installation are the two main areas in which we excel so visit our website now and buy artificial grass online. We manufacture every product with great enthusiasm and the utmost knowledge and experience from our team members.  

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Why Buy Artificial Grass Online

Purchasing synthetic grass or turf online presents numerous issues. You have to consider many things when you want to buy artificial grass. Therefore, Multigrass is your go-to solution for purchasing the best synthetic grass online. Here is how we make your shopping experience easy and quick: 

  • Convenience: Multigrass has a large selection of fake grass, and you can shop from home because we offer easy online shopping. There’s no need to visit the store. 
  • Variety: There are numerous types of artificial grass to choose from, so it may satisfy a wide range of demands, preferences, and budgets. Multigrass is the finest location to acquire grass for your yard, sports fields, or garden. 
  • Quality: Multigrass has built a strong name because we care about quality. You can be sure that the fake grass you buy online will last a long time, look great, and be safe for your family. 
  • Customisation: We let you change many of our items to fit your wants. Some of the ways are size, colour, and pile height. You can easily make your online shopping more unique by letting the store know what you like. 
  • Affordability: Our fake grass goods are priced fairly. You can easily compare prices, take advantage of sales, and find the best synthetic grass online. 
  • Expertise: Our website has helpful information and tips from professionals on choosing the best fake grass for your needs. In addition, you can call our customer service staff if you need personalised help. 
  • Delivery: Your artificial grass can be brought right to your door with one of many easy delivery options we give you. 
  • Reviews: The reviews and scores usually on websites can tell you much about what other people thought of a product before buying it.

Key Points to Consider for Artificial Grass Installation in Melbourne

If you plan to install artificial grass in Melbourne, you must consider certain points. Preparing before the installation will help you enjoy the benefits of your artificial grass installation in Melbourne for longer. 

  • Site Preparation: Prepare the area well before an artificial turf installation.  Part of this is getting rid of the trash, levelling the ground, and fixing drainage issues so water doesn’t pool. 
  • Material Quality: Base materials like crushed rock or decomposed granite are good choices because they are stable and allow water to drain well. Ensure the base is tightly packed so it doesn’t sink or become uneven.
  • Grass Type: Before you buy fake grass, find out about the weather there. Buy UV-protected grass and choose a turf that can handle the city’s constantly changing weather to ensure your lawn can withstand the harsh sun. 
  • Professional Installation: You can do artificial turf installation in Melbourne on your own, but it is recommended that you hire professionals to do it. It will ensure that the right methods are used, lowering the risk of problems like wrinkles issues in the future. 
  • Maintenance Requirements: Find out how to take care of your fake grass, especially because of harsh weather. To keep your fake lawn looking good, brush it often to keep mats from forming, rinse it often to get rid of dirt, and clean it with pet-safe cleaners.

Suitable Places to Use Fake Grass in Melbourne

Any area can benefit from fake grass, whether installed for beauty, functionality, or sustainability. Fake grass can make residential gardens lush, low-maintenance, and vibrant year-round in varied environments:

  • Artificial grass provides a safe, lasting surface for school playgrounds, eliminating the need for mowing and watering. It can provide a consistent playing surface for soccer, cricket, and tennis in sports fields, regardless of weather.
  • Office buildings, retail centres, and hospitality venues can improve curb appeal and save water usage using fake grass. Houses, parks, and dog daycares use artificial grass since it’s pet-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Roof terraces and balconies can be decorated with fake grass for urban relaxation and enjoyment. Public parks and gardens can benefit from fake grass, providing residents and visitors year-round with low-maintenance green places.
  • Festivals, fairs, and outdoor concerts can use fake grass for a natural-looking surface that can endure heavy foot traffic. Fake grass is versatile and practical, suited for Australia’s urban and suburban environments.

Buy the Best Synthetic Grass in Melbourne at Affordable Prices 

Multigrass is the best place to look for synthetic grass installation in Melbourne so you can improve the city’s gardening. Our lush, real-looking turf makes dull spots into bright havens by improving curb appeal and durability. 

Our fake grass is made from high-quality materials, doesn’t need much care, and is resistant to UV rays. This makes it perfect for constantly changing weather. Multigrass offers customised ways to complete synthetic turf installation in Melbourne better.

Whether it’s a garden in your backyard, the landscaping of your business, or a sports facility, we have expert synthetic grass installers in Melbourne to serve you. You can enjoy the beauty of the grass all year without having to water or cut it. 

We will take the look and durability of your outdoor space to a whole new level. Call us now to install artificial grass or turf in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Torquay, and Victoria. Get exciting deals, expert advice, and excellent products all in one place. 

Whether you need commercial artificial grass to suit a specific need, Multigrass has a variety to choose from. You can get artificial grass for balcony, install durable synthetic grass for childcare facilities, or upgrade sports surfaces with artificial baseball turf. Additionally, we offer commercial artificial grass options for a variety of commercial spaces. Discover the beauty and practicality of artificial grass for pets with our high-quality products.

Multigrass is one stop shop for all synthetic grass needs. We are happy to offer.

Install now pay later.

Talk to us about finance options. FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION

Summer Prestige 25

moderate-traffic intensity turf with a medium hand feel.
Designed using high-quality light green fibre.
landscaping solution.
favourite for pet owners and families.
perfect solution for a crisp and neat look to your backyard.

Duraturf 8

no-infill turf.
heavy-intensity traffic turf with a firm hand feel.
sporty appearance.
reliable choice of green cover.
can be used almost anywhere.


heavy-traffic intensity turf with a firm hand feel.
Firm and dense.
perfect for backyard sports and schools.
secure grass turf.
evergreen look.

Multi Scape 19

heavy-traffic intensity turf with a firm hand feel.
Apt for childcare centres and schools.
created with fibrillated yarn and has a firm footing.
Available in multiple colours.
offers a classic sports look at a generous price.

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Rishab G.M.
Rishab G.M.
Very happy with the service!! Would highly recommend :)
Tahlia Oja
Tahlia Oja
Fantastic service and even better team! Richard and Jake made the entire process so seamless and even assisted with extra landscaping to help enhance the space. I'm beyond happy with the result - Quality product and service, would highly recommend.
David Plant
David Plant
6-STAR SERVICE - Truong and Team were excellent right from my first enquiry and through the process. The product consultation was very professional (listened to my needs and allocated a suitable turf) - and they were very accommodating with making the installation arrangements flexible around our timeframe. If you are in the market for turf this is THE company to deal with..... thanks again!
Jamie Chimirri
Jamie Chimirri
Everything was perfect. The service was very professional, product was exactly what I wanted and job was completed in a timely manner. The team at Multigrass also assisted with extra landscaping services which made the yard look awesome. Thanks again to the Multigrass team
S Henry
S Henry
I called Multigrass to get a quote to have turf laid on part of my small courtyard. It had cheap looking turf covering half concrete, half soil & it was sunken in places. The quote was reasonably priced, so agreed to the work. They did a brilliant job, the turf looks natural, and makes the area look bigger. They also took the old turf away. Thanks Richard & team!
Mario Ferraro
Mario Ferraro
Very happy with the final product. The were quick to quote, & get the job started & completed with a fantastic product. Highly recommend

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