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Multigrass began with a vision.

We saw every space as it could be – with the energy and vitality of bright, fresh, green grass all year round. It ignited a passion for helping people create clean, green spaces that bring joy and calm.

At Multigrass, our experienced, hardworking team delights in helping every client realize that same vision. When you can have a perfectly realistic green lawn all year round with none of the hassle and near-zero environmental impact, it’s hard to imagine why you’d do it any other way.

At Multigrass, we use only the world’s best artificial grass.

Multigrass is a licensed distributor of Royal Grass®, whose patented technology makes it virtually indistinguishable from the real thing in both appearance and texture. But the Multigrass experience is about much more than that. We take great pride in offering expert installation and support, with an industry-leading warranty to match. And we’re dedicated to doing it in a fully sustainable way, with the smallest possible environmental impact.

Nothing excites us more than a smiling customer.

At Multigrass, we believe that Royal Grass is the future of landscaping. We love what we do, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing the satisfied looks on people’s faces when they experience Royal Grass for themselves. Whether it’s the children playing safely in a daycare centre, the teenagers hanging out in an evergreen public park, or the lovely couple lounging in the yard with their dog, for us this is what it’s all about.

Our multitalented team can customise a solution especially for you.

The Multigrass team has a broad experience base not just in installation but also in construction and landscaping, meaning we can customise an all-in-one solution to help turn your vision into a reality. We listen carefully to your needs and work with you to find a solution, timeframe, and budget that work for you. And if we’re not totally clear on what you’re after, we can even come out to your property to nut out the details (at no charge, of course!).

Let us make it easy.

Our aim is simply to make this process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. So whatever you need – from the simplest, smallest installation to a comprehensive landscaping plan – we’d love nothing more than to work with you to make it happen. Even if you change your mind about what you want halfway through, we’re there to navigate the twists and turns with you.

We believe in continuous improvement.

As a licensed Royal Grass distributor with international minds and 30 years of combined knowledge and experience, Multigrass is at the forefront of new developments in artificial grass technology. We believe there is always room for improvement, and we are constantly working to help bring you the best possible experience no matter what it is you need. Our experienced, hardworking team is 100% committed to helping customers realise the many benefits of Royal Grass®.


Royal Grass offers the ultimate artificial grass experience – a natural look, comfortable feel, and outstanding durability.

Whether you need a low-maintenance, attractive solution for your garden, a creative way to enhance an indoor space, a safe space for children to play, or anything in between, Royal Grass is an investment that will last the distance – and benefit the environment at the same time.

At Multigrass we are proud to abide by and support the corporate social responsibility principles of Royal Grass.

Royal Grass prides itself on finding the perfect balance between the ‘three pillars of sustainability’: People, Planet, and Profit. All Royal Grass products are produced with the utmost respect for the environment, and RG’s socially responsible purchasing policy protects the wellbeing and interests of not only employees of the company but also individuals outside it.

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Our personalised service recognises that every customer’s needs are a little different. Our goal is to find the perfect product for your situation and make the process of installing and looking after it as smooth and simple as possible. We take great pleasure in consistently achieving very high levels of customer satisfaction.

As an authorised Royal Grass dealer, Multigrass has been installing artificial grass Australia-wide for 6 years now. We install synthetic turf using only proven methods and products developed specifically for use with Royal Grass.

We are proud to be on the highly selective preferred contractors list for T1 Builders, one of the world’s top commercial building companies.

Why Royal Grass?
inspired by Nature


Since 2003, Royal Grass® has been a market leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of realistic, soft, and durable artificial grass systems. Founder Freek Verhoeven started the company when he realised there was genuine demand for realistic artificial grass for gardens.

In a busy world, people don’t have time to maintain a perfectly manicured garden – but that doesn’t mean they don’t want the tranquillity fresh green grass provides.

When research showed that people would only consider buying artificial grass for their gardens if their neighbours wouldn’t be able to tell that it wasn’t real, Royal Grass made that their aim.

Royal Grass’s first offering combined two contrasting shades of green to give a less homogeneous, more natural appearance. Soon after, they started using monofilament fibres that held their shape better than any existing artificial grass. Next, they found that the addition of sand gave better stability and an even more realistic appearance.

These were the first in a long line of innovations that led to Royal Grass establishing dominance as the brand that makes the dream a reality – an artificial lawn that your neighbours can’t tell isn’t real!

Royal Grass is now sold and installed in more than 45 countries thanks to its innovative technology and forward-thinking sustainability initiatives.

The developments and innovations keep on coming as the company continues the search for new ways to improve the appearance and functionality of artificial grass with minimal impact on the planet.


The feature that really sets Royal Grass apart is the unique, shape and texture of the fibres. This patented technology results in unprecedented realism and durability, making Royal Grass far and away the most natural-looking artificial grass on the market.

By carefully examining real grass fibres at a microscopic level, Royal Grass has been able to replicate the V shape of real grass blades as well as the micro-nerve (MiNT) surface, which reduces reflection to give a smooth, matte appearance.

In 2016 Royal Grass launched another groundbreaking innovation. Recognising that natural grass blades don’t simply sit perfectly straight alongside each other, Royal Grass developed ReaDY (Realistic Directional Yarn) technology to mimic the wild growth of real grass.

In ReaDY products, every fibre of grass follows its own independent path rather than tracking parallel to the others, almost as if they each have a will of their own. This gives the grass a volume and character that are virtually indistinguishable from real grass.

What’s more, experimentation with various combinations of colours of grass fibres and sand bases has resulted in the development of ever more realistic and versatile tones that mimic the colour of real grass with incredible fidelity.

Find out more about what makes Royal Grass such a realistic and versatile product here.



Royal Grass’s corporate social responsibility policy acts as the basis of everything the company does. It clearly states its objectives and informs the company’s decisions and strategies.

RG’s corporate social responsibility policy is integrated at every level of the company and promoted among employees, with planned activities aiming at achieving CSR goals.


Royal Grass complies with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, which set out the principles and standards for responsible business conduct expected by the governments of OECD countries, including Australia. These guidelines promote responsible supply chain management, prevent child labour and breaches of human rights, and protect the environment.


Royal Grass is dedicated to minimising – or better still, eliminating – its environmental impact, and much of its ongoing research and development is invested in achieving this aim. The company has set clear objectives to reduce its carbon footprint, including a commitment to transition to using only recycled or renewable bio-based plastics by 2030.

Royal Grass strives for zero waste, re-using and recycling materials wherever possible. Its Eco Sense product line is fully recyclable, meaning 100% of the artificial grass can be recycled to produce new grass. All Royal Grass products are at least partly recyclable.

In 2018 Royal Grass and its partners signed a declaration committing to plans for a ‘circular artificial grass economy’. The declaration is centred on the ‘circular principles’, which aim to maximise the reusability of plastics.


The Singapore Green Label is the Asia Pacific’s most established ecolabelling scheme, recognising high environmental standards and dedication to sustainability as a core product feature. Royal Grass was the first artificial grass brand to receive the Green Label, which encompasses every Royal Grass product.


Royal Grass® recognises that one of the greatest problems with the production of artificial grass is the potential for all that plastic to end up in landfill. So they’re doing everything possible to prevent that from happening.

Recycling artificial grass is a worldwide problem. The recycling process is very involved, and many companies are not equipped to do it. But it pays handsomely, so it is not uncommon for recycling companies to breach environmental regulations in order to collect. In many cases these companies are not recycling the turfs at all, and are instead storing or dumping them illegally.

Royal Grass® is combating this problem with a new initiative for the collection and recycling of artificial grass. They are partnering with Danish recycling company Re-Match, which has developed a patented technology for separating artificial grass into its individual components for recycling.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, at the end of the lifespan of your artificial grass you can have it collected and recycled rather than added to what Royal Grass® calls the ‘plastic waste mountain’.

While this program is not yet available in Australia, Royal Grass® has indicated its intention to extend it to other countries. By the time your artificial turf reaches the end of its lifespan 15+ years from now, there’s a very good chance you will be able to take advantage of this excellent initiative.

Even as artificial grass gains in popularity, the preconception persists that artificial grass is too well in Australia… artificial! But after experiencing Royal Grass for yourself, you’ll see that this alternative to real grass offers not just an amazingly realistic look and feel but also a host of other benefits.

From the beginning, Royal Grass has been committed to designing and developing the highest quality artificial grass for gardens and urban spaces. Thanks to years of research and development, Royal Grass products are:

  • Amazingly lifelike, with patented V-shape blades and MiNT technology
  • Completely safe for children and pets, made of 100% non-toxic materials
  • Extremely durable, with 12-year warranties on both the product and the installation
  • Gloriously low-maintenance
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable

And that’s just the beginning! Let’s take a closer look at what makes Royal Grass for an Australian such a solid investment. Have a look and be inspired!


Gone are the days of flat, uniform artificial lawns. Royal Grass® has carefully examined the structure and function of grass blades right down to the microscopic level and replicated their features with a level of fidelity that has to be seen to be believed.

The authentic V-shape of Royal Grass fibres improves strength and stability as well as enhancing appearance. MiNT technology reproduces the micro-nerves that run along real grass blades, reducing shine and resulting in a soft, matte surface just like that of real grass. While these features are hard to appreciate from a distance, you’d certainly notice if they weren’t there – that’s what makes lesser-quality artificial grass so conspicuously ‘fake’.

The newest technology from Royal Grass®, released in 2016, combats one of the main factors that can make artificial turf look fake – the uniformity of the blades. ReaDY technology lets each blade of grass follow its own path rather than sitting perfectly parallel to the others. Products with ReaDY technology are virtually indistinguishable from real grass, no matter how close you look!

Our grass blades are strong and resilient, but also very soft. There’s plenty of give when you walk or sit on them, but they bounce straight back afterwards. And all our technologies are patented, meaning you can’t get this level of realism from any other brand of grass.


Children and pets love Royal Grass for its softness and comfort, but of course for parents – and for us – the number-one concern is safety. All components of our grass systems are completely safe for children and animals even if ingested. They contain no harmful toxins or heavy metals and do not leach chemicals into the environment.

But Royal Grass isn’t just safe – it’s safer than real grass. Royal Grass dries quickly after rain, making slips and falls less likely. It’s cleaner and more hygienic than playing in soil. And having a lush playing surface at home also means your kids will be happy to stay in the yard and less inclined to wander.


Royal Grass is produced in collaboration with Ten Cate, the world’s largest producer in the artificial grass industry. Both Royal Grass and Ten Cate are committed to producing high-quality products with outstanding quality, durability, and recyclability, and they offer an amazing 12-year warranty to prove it.

Unlike most artificial grass, which has a single layer of fabric underlying, Royal Grass products have double backing. This makes it stronger and sturdier, which in turn makes it more durable and easier to install. It also protects against the slight shrinking and expanding that can occur with changes in temperature.

Thanks to extremely high-quality pigments and UV stabilisers, Royal Grass® is not affected by UV radiation and will not fade or change colour. We know this for a fact, because we’ve tested it in some of the most extreme conditions in the world. No matter what kind of weather Royal Grass® is exposed to, it will retain the same beautiful colour and intensity as the day it was installed.

In addition, Royal Grass’s patented technologies give its products not just a natural appearance but also extra strength and resilience, so that every fibre bounces right back after use. Finally, the height and density of the grass blades are carefully matched during production to ensure an even appearance across your entire lawn.


A well-kept natural grass lawn is a beautiful thing. But it also requires a huge input of effort and resources. Real grass requires watering, mowing, and fertilizing, all of which take a toll on the environment.

Royal Grass will stay the same height, density, texture, and colour every day of the year without you having to lift a finger. It won’t dry out in hot weather or drown in heavy rain. And it can stand up to raking and sweeping with no danger of damaging the grass fibres.

Grass stains in kids’ clothing and mud stains on the carpet are also a thing of the past. Your kids will come in from the yard sparkling clean every time, meaning you spend less time cleaning and more quality time with your family.

Royal Grass® gives you the joy of a healthy manicured lawn every day with none of the hassle. You really can have your cake and eat it too!


It’s tempting to assume a healthy green lawn is good for the environment, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The small benefit grass provides in terms of removing carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with oxygen is more than outweighed by the negative side effects.

Lawns require massive amounts of water – in dry areas, lawns are estimated to account for around three-quarters* of total water consumption. They also need to be fertilized with potentially harmful chemicals that end up in groundwater. Then there’s the need to mow, which releases greenhouse gases and other toxins into the air.

Artificial lawns can help alleviate some of the environmental strain real grass causes, but only if producers are responsible – otherwise they can end up as just another layer of plastic on the top of the rubbish heap. Royal Grass takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and is proud to be contributing to a healthier environment for future generations to enjoy.

Royal Grass Australia is produced under strict supervision to the most exacting standards, using only environmentally friendly materials. It has been proven not to leach any chemicals into its surroundings. And all its products are recyclable.

Of course, recycling is nothing new in the artificial grass world. Most types of artificial grass can be recycled… once. But they can’t be recycled indefinitely, and they can’t be used again as artificial grass. Royal Grass is breaking new ground with its Eco Sense product line, which 100% recyclable: every last fibre is reclaimed and converted into a new artificial lawn at the end of its lifespan.

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