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Leading Supplier of Sports Field Turf Grass

At Multigrass, we specialise in the supply and installation of artificial grass to enable you to create exceptional sports surfaces. We bring you dependable and durable choices for sports artificial grass and you can count on us for all your requirements. As a leading supplier, we want to offer solutions to help you create safe sports surfaces that require low maintenance. Our range is specifically designed to ensure that you can enjoy your favourite sport in the comfort of your garden. We have options to suit various sporting needs and you can easily create high-quality surfaces. Connect with us to find out more.

Artificial Grass for Sports Field

Our goal is to bring you premium synthetic grass that is designed to withstand the challenges of a sports field. In recent years, synthetic grass has gained popularity for sports grounds due to its benefits. Designed to offer outstanding performance, the surface is easy to maintain and preferred for its durability.

We bring you artificial grasses that are made using technologically advanced processes. With an innovative range, we have solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations. The turf is designed to withstand heavy usage and requires very little maintenance. It is created to meet the demanding needs of various sports and offers long-lasting performance.

Install Sports Artificial Grass

We also provide installation services to customise your dream space. We believe that every sports field has a unique need and will start by gaining an understanding of how you plan to use the surface. Accordingly, our experts will suggest the best solution to fit your needs. We will assess the traffic that will be on the field, your budget and will work closely with you to plan out your sports field. No matter the type of sports field that you wish to create, we have the right selection of synthetic turf for you.

Over the years, we have succeeded in building state-of-the-art synthetic grass pitches and have succeeded in delivering an exceptional outcome. We have extremely versatile products that you will not come across anywhere else. With our products, you can create resilient and player-friendly sports surfaces.

Find Out More About Our Sports Field Turf Grass

Wondering what makes synthetic grass a better alternative to real grass?

Our range is designed from high-quality materials to outperform real grass. You can use our grass even for areas with high foot traffic and frequent use. The surfaces require low maintenance and look great for years. We have synthetic grass in different lengths, weights and shades and you have complete flexibility to design a sports field just the way you want. Our synthetic grasses are made up of several layers and are quite durable.

If you have something specific in mind or would like to find out more about the benefits of artificial grass, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.

Artificial Grass for Sports

Artificial grass has completely transformed sports surfaces with its unmatched longevity, consistency, and performance. Artificial grass is a great alternative to natural grass for many sports fields since it is durable and can endure heavy traffic and bad weather.

Here at Multigrass, we are experts in providing and installing artificial grass for sports so that you can build first-rate sports fields. You can rely on us for all your needs, and we deliver you trustworthy and long-lasting options for artificial grass for sports.

Major Categories of Synthetic Grass for Sports

Different kinds of synthetic grass for sports are on the market, and each one is made to meet the specific needs of a certain sport:

  • Artificial Baseball Turf: Artificial baseball turf aims to look and feel like real grass while also giving players steady traction and ball rebound. Its strong construction can handle the rough conditions of baseball fields and training sites, where sliding and fielding are common.
  • Artificial Basketball Turf: The shock-absorbing properties and high-performance surface of artificial grass make it stand out. These features help the ball respond quickly and keep players safe. It gives constant grip and durability, lowering the risk of injuries on the court and improving the game.
  • Artificial Cricket Turf: With qualities that are meant to look and feel like real grass, artificial cricket turf is a reliable surface for fielding, bowling, and hitting. The playing area is level so that the ball will spin and bounce similarly. This makes it a good surface for cricket players of all skill levels.
  • Artificial Football Turf: The synthetic turf for sports fields, like one for football, handles heavy foot traffic and intense physical exercise. It gives players a stable surface for running, cutting, and tackling and absorbing too much force lowers the risk of injuries.
  • Artificial Golf Turf: Synthetic golf turf gives golfers a consistent putting field and a realistic ball roll to work on their chipping and putting skills carefully. It makes a reliable surface for driving ranges, golf courses, and practice greens by exactly replicating the look and feel of real grass.

Suitability of Fake Grass for Sports as per Australian Climate

In today’s fast-changing world, industries globally prioritise environmental sustainability. As manufacturing processes evolve, artificial grass manufacturers implement environmental policies. As per Australian guidelines, synthetic turf for sports field is suitable because –

  • Heat Resistance: The fake grass used in Australia is made to last in the country’s dry and hot environment. Modern heat-resistant materials are used to make high-quality fake grass for sports. It keeps the surface from getting too hot and uncomfortable, which could be dangerous for players.
  • UV Stability: Australia’s strong sunshine can fade and damage outdoor surfaces over time. For sports, fake grass is UV-stabilised to ensure it lasts and looks good by stopping fading or other damage from long-term sunlight contact.
  • Water Conservation: Artificial turf for sports is a long-term answer for places where water is limited because it doesn’t need to be watered and rinsed constantly. Unlike natural grass, which needs to be watered regularly, artificial turf reduces water use and protects water resources.
  • Weather Resistance: Australia can experience a lot of bad weather, such as strong winds, heavy rain, and high temperatures. Artificial grass for sports is made to withstand these harsh conditions. It keeps its flexibility and durability in bad weather, ensuring players’ safety.

Install Artificial Sports Turf with Multigrass

Multigrass’s wide selection guarantees a synthetic turf system for your team’s sport. Whether football teams want a grass-like play or baseball teams want realistic bounces, our synthetic sports turfs can fulfil everyone’s needs.

As one of the largest providers, we aim to help you create low-maintenance, safe fake turf for sports. With our products, you can enjoy your favourite sport from the convenience of your yard. For further information, contact us and get a free quote.

Whether you need synthetic grass installation in Melbourne to suit a specific need, Multigrass has a variety to choose from. You can get artificial grass for gym, install durable artificial football turf facilities, or upgrade sports surfaces with artificial golf turf. Additionally, we offer commercial artificial grass options for a variety of commercial spaces. Discover the beauty and practicality of running track turf with our high-quality products.

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