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Multigrass is dedicated to minimising – or better still, eliminating – its environmental impact, and much of its ongoing research and development is invested in achieving this aim. The company has set clear objectives to reduce its carbon footprint, including a commitment to transition to using only recycled or renewable bio-based plastics by 2030.

Royal Grass, Italgreen, Turfgrass and Multigrass strives for zero waste, re-using and recycling materials wherever possible. Its Eco Sense, Bliss product line is fully recyclable, meaning 100% of the artificial grass can be recycled to produce new grass. All Royal Grass products are at least partly recyclable.

In 2018 Royal Grass and its partners signed a declaration committing to plans for a ‘circular artificial grass economy’. The declaration is centred on the ‘circular principles’, which aim to maximise the reusability of plastics.



Soft, seductively beautiful and also the first type of artificial grass that is 100% recyclable since 2011: all ingredients come from one product group and can be reused to produce new components for artificial grass. The fibres stand close to each other. That gives the grass a full body and makes it exceptionally soft and resilient.


Balconies or roof terraces

Indoor locations

Childern’s play areas

Decorative lawns for gardens


Bliss + 52

Best of two worlds: a natural, late summer look and 100% recyclability as all raw materials are derived from one product group and can be reused after its lifetime to create new products. With the high and dense fibers it is suitable for many applications and has a wilder, but a very voluminous look.


Gardens that can use a wilder natural look

Intensively used gardens

Green spaces around buildings and offices

Gardens for private or business uses



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